Monday, July 30, 2012

The Egg Quest: Continued

Okay, not an auspicious start to my quest.  I burned the bacon first go round and set off the smoke detectors, but at least this time there isn't a hole in the floor this time.

I still don't like eggs.  I did my best.  The bacon was delicious, but it was bacon so of course it was.  Maybe I should have put some salt or pepper on the eggs or something .  And also cleaned the pot after I burnt the first two strips of bacon, because the burnt taste ended up being really obvious in the food and the burnt bits turned the eggs a sort of dull greyish colour that looked....not really appetizing, to say the least.  Also I broke a plastic spoon in the eggs and didn't realize until I saw it on my fork.  In my defense, it was a white spoon and really blended in with the egg.

So now the question is, what do I do next in my quest to improve eggs?  How do they taste so good in my breakfast taquitos, but so terrible on their own?  It can't all be the bacon making it fantastic, can it?  Well okay it probably can because bacon is magic like that.  Maybe a bacon omelet or something, or I can just keep adding things to scrambled eggs until they start tasting good.  Or should I move on from eggs entirely and see if I can make some other terrible foods taste good?  Decisions, decisions.


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    1. The solution to all your problems comes in bottle form:

      ... idk what happened with my original comment lmao

    2. I dunno, I seem to recall Worcestershire sauce to be almost as terrible as eggs. How does that work, does the terribleness of each ingredient cancel the other out? Are eggs and Worcestershire sauce the matter and antimatter of food?