Friday, July 27, 2012

George Street Fest


But yeah, the concert was rad.  Beauwater in particular was friggin' sweet!  I had so much fun I kind of don't know where to start.  I guess being in chronological order then get distracted later in the post and have everything be a muddle?  That sounds good lets do that.

Went down with Ash of hell on heels, and since both of us had wisely decided to eat absolutely nothing of substance before going down to George Street, as soon as we got onto the street we had to find somewhere to grab a bite.  So we get some club sandwiches at O'Reilly's pub and basically chilled there for a while, people-watching.  We saw Fat Fabio, this chunky guy in a tee shirt walking down the street with a big grin on his face, long luxurious blond hair blowing in the wind.  Actually I should save the people-watching till the end of the post, or else I'll just get sidetracked.

So anyway, me and Ash are just sitting around in the pub half-listening to the pretty awesome music from the opening band, and when we're done eating we go out to check them out.  I wish we'd eaten faster, because as it turns out these guys were freaking AWESOME.  I only caught the last part of their set, unfortunately, but they ended with a really great cover of Hey Jude, which my camera mostly mutilated with the audio but hey, at least I got it.  It sounds kind of crappy in the video, but that's none of it the band.  Band rocked this song.

Anyway, Ash and I were totally blown away by these guys.  They were crazy good!  We were so impressed by them that we had to go up after they had finished their set and ask what the name of the band was -- we'd missed it, since we only got in at the end.  And the singer was like "Beauwater -- here!" and gave me an album.  I know!!  It's awesome!!  I'm listening to it right now, it's fun stuff.  

The next band was pretty good too.  Not as good as Beauwater, but still fun.  The guy on keyboards was awesome.  We actually met him like hours later, as Ash and I were walking down the street looking for a not-completely-blocked bar (and ended up in Scanlan's, in case you were curious).  Turns out the lead singer is his dad.  We never would have guessed!  He seemed pretty young on stage.  The singer.  Keyboard guy was I guess a teenager?  I'm terrible at guessing ages. I'm gonna say "somewhere between ten and thirty."

Third Eye Blind was pretty cool too.  Honestly, the first time I'd ever heard of them was like last week when Ash said "Robin, you're coming to see these guys with me on Thursday."  So I was like "Okay," and downloaded a best-of cd to figure out who the heck they were.  I listened to them for a while and was like, Oh!  These guys! These are the guys that did that one song.  Or part of it, at least."

The two and a half minute part, specifically.

But  Is it a full band or is it like just the one dude, like Owl City or City and Colour?  Because only the one guy was doing the talking.  Whatever, I'll look it up later.  What was I going to say?  Oh right, I was gonna say something about how it's always cool when the band/dude is so pumped and energetic and totally into it that he gets everybody in the audience pumped too, whether or not they started out as pumped-up fans.  Like I started the evening going "Well, it'll be pretty cool, I guess.  Beauwater was rad, so hopefully Third Eye Blind will match up to them!"  And they totally did.  Guy had glow sticks, hucking them into the crowd.  He managed to toss a few up to the people hanging out the second-story windows above the road, that's a pretty good arm!  If only the beer girls earlier could throw like that.  But they only tossed t-shirts to the people jammed up in front.  Which on the one hand, they waited around and jostled to get in front so I guess they deserve a bonus for being good fans?  Or something?  But on the other hand, did they really have to give all the shirts to the front-row people?  Get the beefy guy to toss a few to the farther-back people.  Not at me, because I really don't need a beer-shirt in the face.  But Fantits next to me was fair shrieking for one.  I'm getting off-topic, I'm saving the people-watching for last.  I'm still talking about the band, aren't I?  I think I am.  Band was cool.  I like glow sticks.  Singer dude was good at making me really excited to see him, even though I honestly didn't really know who he was.  I would post the videos I took of Third Eye Blind, but it took an hour and a half to upload the Beauwater video so I'm not gonna do that.  At least not today.  Maybe tomorrow or next week when I've forgotten how annoying that was.

Anyway, the people-watching.  It's the most fun you can ever have on George Street.*  I think I mentioned Fat Fabio earlier, didn't I?  We saw Skinny Fabio afterwards, too.  If only they could have met.  And hipster chicks in weird outfits.  There were two of them, with like...I think it was floral bras/tank tops or something, and supertight short-shorts that go way up over their belly buttons.  It didn't really look bad, just kind of....weird.  It would fit right in on some haute-couture fashion show, but I've never seen real people try to wear the clothes that models wear on a runway.  Mostly because those outfits are weird.  And then there was Fantits.  She was standing next to me for most of the night, and she was hilarious.  She was obviously a huge fan of Third Eye Blind, and kind of a bigger girl.  She was cute, though.  Anyway, she was very loud in her appreciation of the band, and as soon as they showed up she started bouncing.  But not up and down kind of bouncing, she jumped really weird. She went sort of rocking forward and back as well as up and down, so it was like she was boob-tackling the girl in front of her.  Seriously, I was almost worried that she'd get a concussion or something.  Especially odd, she was very concerned with not getting in peoples way and constantly apologized to the people around her for being in their way or blocking their view.  But she never seems to notice the girl she is boob-assaulting.  Or head-assaulting?  Since it's her head getting assaulted, and the breasts are the assault-weapon.  Maybe headboob-assaulting.  I'm getting distracted again.  She was obviously a huge fan, from the superexcited bouncing that started as soon as the band came on and didn't stop for the entire show, and also she knew literally all the words for all the songs.  It was kind of impressive.  
*Citation needed.

I wish I'd had my iPod on me at the concert.  Not to listen to music, but so I could take notes haha.  I just know there are a million things I'm forgetting that I wanted to talk about later, but fuck if I can remember them now.  I suppose if I remember it I'll write another post.  In the meantime, have another Beauwater video!  Not one I took, of course, but there are a few up on Youtube.  Dang, I like these guys!  I should go to another show of theirs one of these days.

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