Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I had something I was gonna mention in my last blog post, but I forgot about it!  Or did I intentionally neglect to say it so I could have another blog post to write...no, it was the first one.  I promise.

Anyway, it was something I noticed that a lot of people said, while I was googling ways to repair worn-in-the-crotch jeans.  A lot of people seem to have this problem, particularly with cheap jeans (no surprise).  I read a bunch of different threads and there were tons of people saying "Yeah, I have that problem but my jeans are so cheap it isn't really worth the effort of fixing it, so I just toss them out or donate them," or "I just wear jeans with holes in them.  If they get really bad they get tossed/donated."

Good for you for donating your used clothing!  It's just such a good deed, I bet you feel really good inside after you do that.  It's so nice of you!  Kudos!

Seriously, what a dick move.  You have a pair of jeans that's so old and worn out with so many holes that you can't possibly wear them any more, and you decide to donate them?  Ohh, wait, you said toss or donate.  So there's like a fifty-fifty chance there, you'll either toss them in your own trash or make the local non-profit charity group use their funds to sort them and throw them out.  Honestly if your clothes are worn out and have any holes in them anyway, the thrift store you donate them to won't want them in the first place.  They get loads of clothing and throw a lot of it away anyway.  Places like the Goodwill and Salvation Army get more clothing than they need, they don't need beat-up clothes that are so bad even you refuse to wear them.  At what point did you look at the shredded assless chaps that you used to call your jeans and think "Well I'd never wear this again, but there's somebody out there who wants to!"

Time to donate!

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