Monday, November 5, 2012

New hats!

I dunno if you realize, but I love hats.  I collect them.  I have a box full of dorky hats, and I need more.  More!  I've got a cow hat, a sheep hat, a raccoon hat, a cat hat, a frog hat, two fedoras, a sparkly top hat, a Cookie Monster hat, a Luigi cap, a one-up beanie, and now two more!  Plus, all those other hats in my box that aren't springing to mind immediately. Hey, it's like all the way in the other room, I'm not getting up and looking through it for a dumb blog post.  Just trust me when I say I've got a ton of hats.  Where did you think the name came from?

So I bought two hats this weekend!  Now that winter is slowly, slowly approaching, then backing off, then coming up again for a day, then going back to summer, then threatening to eventually come back, I figured I need a new hat to keep my ears warm when my other hats won't do because I need more hats all the time because you never have enough hats ever no matter how many are in the box.  And because the store was having a two for one sale, I bought two!  I bought a panda hat, and a superbright hat!  I wore the panda hat downtown this weekend and two different people stopped me on the street within like half an hour of wearing it, so they could compliment it.  And one woman was like, "Oh wow, I want that hat -- wait, I have that hat!  It's got a panda on the front!" when she saw it from behind.  The superbright hat is also rad.  It is like the traffic cone of headgear.  It is retina-meltingly-bright!

I wish my camera could show you exactly how bright this hat is.  It practically glows.

I gotta limit my hat-buyery though.  Lets face it, I can only wear one or two hats at a time.  If I bought a hat every time I wanted a hat I'd be broke and crazy warm.  So I only buy a couple of hats a year, or whenever I see one that I really can't resist.  Hey, I don't have unlimited willpower.  How do you expect me to resist a puppy hat or a Canada Day visor if I see one?  That's just ridiculous.  You are ridiculous.  I'm going hat-shopping.

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