Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey America

Or rather, Hey Americans:

Don't ask me "how's your thanksgiving going!"

Thanksgiving was a month ago.  Or at least, my Thanksgiving was a month ago.  Other countries don't celebrate American holidays.  Even if every single show on TV insists on doing a Thanksgiving episode this week.  Christmas is ok, Halloween is ok, Valentine's is ok, etc etc, because those are not specifically American holidays.  But Thanksgiving in America is very specifically about Pilgrims and Indians and American history, bullshit though it may be, so don't assume it's a universal thing.  The rest of the world really doesn't care all that much about your holidays.  So when you know that I'm Canadian, and you ask me "How's your thanksgiving going!" I'm just going to assume that you're kind of an idiot, and make fun of you on my blog.  And then I'm going to embed a video from the Addams Family.  You're welcome.

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