Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goodbye, Glitch

Aww.  Glitch is shutting down.  So's TinierMe, but aww, Glitch is shutting down.  Glitch is sadder.  Also, Glitch is shutting down better -- TinierMe was all "did you just spend real money on stuff in the game right before our announcement to close the site?  Tough titties, just spend it in the game and enjoy it before we close everything next month."  Glitch is all, "Did you spend real money on our game in the past year?  We will refund you!  Actually, did you ever spend real money on our game?  We will still refund you!  We're so sorry!"  The folks at Glitch seem really, really sad that their site is closing and that they are letting down their players, and you can tell they really put their all into trying to make it work.  The folks at TinierMe....are closing the site.  Do they care?  Not that I can tell.  Are they sorry for letting down the people who spent months and years on the site?  Not that I can tell.  And they certainly don't care enough to offer any refunds, not even to people who spent real money for game stuff in the past week.

I'm gonna miss you, Glitch.  Granted, I only had an account there for two months or so, and I only played it for like the first month before completely forgetting about it.  But it was a really cool browser game, and if I was the kind of person who could ever stick with any game for more than a month, I would have stuck with Glitch.  I'm sorry I could not commit to you, Glitch.  You were rad.

I'm not gonna miss you, TinierMe.  I had an account there for about three years and visited sporadically while I was in college, and pretty much never after that.  You were kind of a shitty site, TinierMe.  I wish you could have failed twice so Glitch could stay open.


  1. Yeah. The only reason why I'm rotted at TM shutting down is because of the good RPs I had going on there and the people on there probably won't ever reply to my messages, so I'll be losing some great RPs >:/ But other than that, I'm not all that upset about either of them shutting down, though Glitch DOES seem more apologetic about it.

    1. Well, if they never reply to your messages then they aren't that great at RPing, are they?

      I'm down about Glitch because even though I am not really the kind of person who can really play their game, I'm still really impressed at the scope and ambition of it. It was a really unique thing, and it's unfortunate that they can't keep it going. I doubt there will ever be a game quite like it again.