Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eating A Baby Koala

My sister brought home baby koala cookies today.  She got them from that Asian store in MUN, I guess.  They are weird.

Look at that shit.  It's bland little biscuits, at first glance, and they kind of look like dog treats if it wasn't for the I guess koalas printed on them.  I'd show you them, but I took photos with my iPod so I could upload them immediately, and my iPod camera is (clearly) not that great.

Tell me the truth, does that really look like a baby koala to you?  I mean, those are some pretty deep wrinkles for a baby.  Anyway, the things are weird.  They have the weird dog-biscuit outsides, and it's got weird strawberry icing on the inside.  And unlike Caramilk bars, they don't try to hide how they get it in, either, there's a very conspicuous hole on each treat.  Come on, guys, at least put the hole in the back, the bear-monsters have enough trouble looking like koalas without the bullet wounds.


But I guess it doesn't so much matter what they look like as it does what they taste like.  And they  They are on the better side of average, but only barely.  There's a weird aftertaste to them, and the strawberry flavour is kind of chalky and starts tasting gross if  you eat more than one or two.  It's pretty similar to pocky, except pocky tastes good.

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