Sunday, November 4, 2012


So I've spent the last week or so hanging out downtown while I buy shit, eat shit, and admire Halloween decorations that still haven't been taken down.  Wait, hang on, I don't eat literal shit, I just mean like the general food downtown, like greasy chips and the sketchy hot dogs from the vendors on George Street.  Unhealthy foods.  Though the flambe at Magic Wok was pretty delish.  Noodles were ok.  They had a weird texture, so every bite had me going, "Oh, ew, I don't like -- oh, wait, now that I taste it it's pretty good.  I'll have another bite!  Oh, ew, I don't like -- wait, now that I taste it..."  It was kind of awkward.  Deliciously awkward.

Anyway, Halloween decorations.  Is it just me, or is everybody doing the sick pumpkin face these days?  I swear, every third house had a jack-o-lantern vomiting pumpkin guts.  I guess everybody in Newfoundland has finally seen that photo that's been floating around for like a billion years now.  I gotta say, the vomiting pumpkin thing isn't nearly as funny when it isn't surrounded by beer bottles.

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