Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Live Albums Are The Worst Albums

I like listening to music, and I like going to live shows.  But I haaaate live albums.  It's the worst of both worlds.  The whole point of going to shows is so you can listen to the band in person and have a real experience.  It's fun even if you can't make out any lyrics.  And the whole point of listening to the album is to listen to the music clearly so you can really hear it and enjoy the whole thing.  But with live albums it's like, what's even the point?  You don't get the "live show" experience, and all the songs are filled with the sound of the crowd, and frequently in the popular songs the artist will stop singing and let the crowd sing.  This is awesome....when you're at the show singing along.  When you're at home and you just want to listen to the song, it's just really annoying.  Plus, it ruins softer, sad-ish songs that are supposed to be quiet.  The whole song will be undercut with people in the crowd cheering and shouting, and at the end of the quiet song they applaud and cheer and you GO DEAF FROM A CROWD OF PEOPLE SCREAMING THROUGH YOUR EARBUDS.  WHAT WAS THAT?  I CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE I AM DEAF NOW.  SORRY.  I THINK MY EARS ARE BLEEDING.  I SHOULD PROBABLY GO TO A DOCTOR OR SOMETHING.

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  1. I bought a live Justice album from 7digital once. The first song was just the crowd cheering. Seemed super pretentious, took them down a notch in my coolbook