Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Reunions

Here are some things I learned at today's family reunion:

There are few things more awkward than every stranger in the house knowing your name, your hobbies, and what you studied in college when you haven't met them in your life.  Also, most of them expect you to know at least their name and how they are related to you.

Four year olds suck at Scrabble.

However, when they ask you "What does drunk mean?" they won't question it if you say "Uhhhhh......clumsy it means clumsy drunk means you're very clumsy."

It might catch you by surprise the first time, but the second time it happens you'll be totally on the ball when you have to jam your fingers into a cocker spaniel's mouth to grab the Scrabble block he's trying to swallow.

A Samoyed's fur is so dense and fluffy that when you pet it you can leave visible handprints.

Also, you will need to dig for at least five minutes before you'll be able to find a collar.

Kale is disgusting.

Veggie burgers aren't half bad.

Drunk old people are hilarious.

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