Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Atkin is why America is terrible.

Well, one of the reasons why America is terrible, at least.

I was in the car with dad and heard over the radio that some American politician said that a rape victim's body naturally prevents her from becoming pregnant.  What?  No, really, what??  Seriously America, there is something wrong with you.

So I looked it up when I got home, turns out it's even worse than I thought!  Apparently it's only "legitimate" rape victims who are given this magical Rape Science pregnancy prevention.  And also this dude is a completely terrible person.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong in America.

Even setting down that somehow this is a popular political stance, that rape victims shouldn't get abortions because baaaaabiiiieeees -- why is somebody this fucking stupid allowed to be a politician in charge of creating laws.  Oh my god.  I'm literally stunned speechless by this.  Not only that somebody would be this completely terrible as a human being, but that somebody would be this completely fucking ignorant.  It's like, does this guy even realize that facts are actually a thing that have to be real, or does he think that if he thinks it really really hard it becomes true?

Now I'm not saying Canada is perfect in every single way and none of our politicians are dumb or bad. I mean, look at Stephen Harper, he's a total dirtbag.  But this guy just comes off as being, I don't know, evil or something.  Seriously, what goes wrong in your head to make you think that any of this is an acceptable opinion for a decent human being to hold, much less for a decent human being to say out loud on television in a position of authority?  Because you know, there's the whole abortion/conception/babies thing, and then there's just being a terrible terrible person who hates women and doesn't seem to think of them as real people but instead as babymaking boob-wearers.

What?  Oh no.  Nonono.  My sister just told me that he's a member of the United States House Committee of Science, Space and Technology.


  1. What a fucking asshat. I heard something about this but didn't have time to see what was on the go. But seriously, this idiot needs his head examined.

    1. And the really terrifying thing is, he's a fucking senator or something. Or trying to be voted in as one or whatever.

      Really, shouldn't this disqualify him from politics or something? Not just being this fucking stupid and offensive, but proving to the entire country (and the rest of the world) that he's perfectly comfortable making up ridiculous facts and lying about how it's what he believes from the doctors he's supposedly spoken to, and will base his political and lawmaking decisions on those made-up facts and imaginary doctors.

    2. I was reading your blog and figured I'd comment on this again. This guy...I have no words. Well, I have lots of words, but it'd take too much effort to list all of them. xD

      I've heard some pretty unintelligent shit coming from politicians' pie holes, but that had to have been at the top of the list. He clearly knows nothing about the human body and it's natural functions.

      Maybe we should put it in terms-for-the-intelligently-challenged: if a man comes inside of a woman, she can get pregnant. The human body is not psychic. The reproductive organs cannot think for themselves and say "oh, this wasn't actually voluntary sex, don't let the egg go!" ...I would like to know what drugs this moron is on; therefore, I'll know which ones to avoid in the future, because no one wants what that bat shit loser is smoking!