Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who's got two thumbs and owns a DVD box set for a slightly terrible 80's cartoon about an all-girl rock group?

I am sure lots of people!  But also, this guy.  Lady guy.  This person.


That's right, I finally got around to buying the series off of Wyatt, taking advantage of his impulsive nature and subsequent buyer's remorse to get it for cheaps, like the terrible terrible friend that I am.  Of course I will heartlessly take advantage of my closest friends' poor life choices, do you even need to ask?  And of course I've been watching it nonstop since I got it!  I just finished season two.  Unfortunately there's only three seasons -- whyyyyyyyyyy, the show is so amazing!  So terrible!  So unintentionally hilarious!  Why did it have to end so soon, alas.  Well actually, three seasons is a pretty long time for a kid's cartoon to run, I guess.  It's like six non-kid's-show seasons.  Plus it's entirely possible that if the show ran longer even my unreasonable, incomprehensible love for the series would run out, along with my patience.  Three seasons is plenty, I guess. 

But anyway!  I am excited for this.  For a few reasons!  One, the DVD set is actually adorable.  Seriously!  The discs are all designed to look like vinyl records (despite the fact that I'm pretty sure that when this show came out people had started using cassette tapes already), with different colours for the different seasons.  I'm delighted to actually have the box set rather than just download the seasons from Pirate Bay or something.  Plus it isn't taking up any memory on my already-crowded harddrive, which is another perk to DVDs!

Guess what colour season one is!  (hint season one is purple)

Another reason I am happy with this series?  I get to write episode recaps!  Or at least try haha.  I desperately need to mock these episodes, I might as well try my hand writing recap-reviews!  I haven't seen episode recaps online anywhere for this series, at least not for the entire series.  I'm planning to start at the beginning and continue until either I finish the series, or it stops being fun to do.  Here's hoping it's the first one!

A third reason I am happy with this series, I cannot get enough of owning terrible terrible things.  This box set is going on my shelf right between Howard the Duck and Spice World.  Actually it probably won't go next to Spice World because that's a VHS and does not belong on my DVD shelf.  But that is where I will file it in my heart.

I would like to apologize for the worse-than-usual quality of the photos in this post.  I lost my purse
a few weeks ago and my camera along with it, so all I have to take photos with is my iPod touch.  
But oh well, it's Jem.  Why worry about quality now?

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