Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Princess And The Frog

I rewatched The Princess And The Frog last night.  I turned it on and was like, man, I forgot how fun this movie is, why'd I delete it from my computer in the first place?  Then they got to the bayou and I went, oh, now I remember.  It's a really great movie, except for all the annoying parts.


It feels like every time I watch it I start thinking about things that are actually kind of awful.  Like, for example, Tiana's mom.  That poor, poor woman.  Her daughter vanishes from a party, nobody sees or hears from her for like a week, and can you imagine the conversation when she finally makes it home?  "Hi Mom!  Sorry I was gone, but this guy turned me into a frog and I only changed back after I married him.  Meet my new husband!"  I wonder how long it took to convince her that Naveen was really a prince and not just a freaky abductor/rapist.

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