Monday, March 25, 2013

Commons Approves Transgender Rights Bill

Okay, yeah, it's pretty shitty that this bill was so massively opposed.  Why do people have a problem with the idea that trans people don't deserve to get the shit kicked out of them, literally and figuratively, just because of their gender?  Fuck you conservatives.  Normally I'm not very political, but when almost an entire party thinks that some people don't deserve equal treatment, that's a pretty big sign that your party is bad and you should feel bad.  Not to mention Prime Minister Stephen Harper (may his asshole fester) opposed this bill.  Seriously?  Why you gotta be a shit, Steve.  Nobody likes you.  Get outta here.

Canada's supposed to be this super-cool country where everybody is all "hey, do what you want!"  We've got gay marriage and unrestricted abortions and free healthcare and all that neat stuff that other countries are jealous of.  So why did we have to compromise to get this bill passed by removing the "gender expression" protection from this bill?  What, it's only okay to be trans if you stay in the closet and never express your true gender?  Not to mention the whole bathroom thing. I gotta say, I don't get why people have a problem with trans women using the ladies room and trans men using the men's room.  It can't really be because of pervert-fear.  For one thing, there are lots of unisex bathrooms out there that nobody is screeching about, so calm the fuck down.  Also, even in gender-segregated bathrooms, a cis women can be just as perverted as a trans women, and non-trans guys dressing as a girl just to get into the ladies' room instead of downloading porn or something is pretty far-fetched.  Besides, where's the danger anyway?  You don't get undressed right out there in the open (except in the men's room, where you unzip your fly to use the urinals, I guess), you're safely locked in a stall so you can take care of business with some privacy.  And it can't be physical safety -- in that case, why have public bathrooms in the first place?  Because I can get the shit kicked out of my by a random woman just as easily as by a trans woman, and I'm probably more likely to get beaten up or harassed by a cis chick.  I haven't got the stats on me, but I remember reading once that cis women attacking people in the restroom is more common than trans women attacking anybody.  And trans women are way more likely to get assaulted than cis women, so if you're trying to protect trans women with this, it seems like they'll be a lot safer using the ladies room than the men's room.  A lot of guys are culturally conditioned to be total shits to anybody who challenges male gender roles.  That's why being called a fag or a pussy or girly is an insult.  There's nothing wrong with being gay or being feminine, unless you are a guy who thinks that women are inferior and that being gay is as bad as being female.

Also, I can't believe I have to point this out, but trans does not mean pervert.  Trans women aren't dudes who get off on wearing a skirt and makeup.  And they aren't pedophiles.  What is it with assuming that anybody who is even slightly different from the "average" person is a pervert or a pedophile?  Like people who insist that gay people shouldn't be around kids because pedophilia  or trans people shouldn't use the bathroom because pedophilia   Nobody worries that a straight cis person is gonna touch your kid in the bathroom.  I get the feeling that all of this "for the children!" claptrap is just a cover for "I don't like people who are different from me, so I think there should be a law to make sure they all go away!"

But let's look on the bright side.  Despite the depressing opposition and compromises to this bill, it got passed!  Yay!  Canada is a better place today than it was yesterday!

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