Sunday, March 24, 2013


Guess what!  My D&D Player's Handbook came in the mail the other day!  It is AWESOME.  Thanks, TK!  It's way easier to read than the pdf version I've got.  I much prefer reading physical books than pdfs, though I'll be the first to say that pdfs have a hell of a lot of perks to make up for their lack of physicality.  Still though, you gotta love a real book.  Check it out!

I was gonna get a Dungeon Master's Kit and another set of dice, too.  I was really excited, because the DM kit was only like twenty-five bucks instead of forty or fifty, like it would be in stores.  And the dice were so cute!  But then I found out that I was looking at the wrong site, and it would be a lot more expensive to ship from Amazon's US site than the Canadian site, so I couldn't actually afford it.  So I shrugged and was all, "Oh, no biggie, I'm sure it's on the Canadian site too, I'll find it there and get it!"  But it turns out that while you can get the DM kit on the American site for twenty-five dollars, the only one on the Canadian site is fifty bucks.  And while I had hoped the dice would be cheaper online, it turns out that with shipping a set of dice costs pretty much the same as it would in the shops around here.  The only perk would be that you get more selection with online shopping, and even then all the really pretty dice are either more expensive, or they're on the American site so it'd still be ridiculous shipping.  So there's no real point to getting them online anyway.  I'll just swing by one of the local game stores sometime and pick up another set.  Besides, the dice you can get here are just as pretty as the ones online, even if there aren't as many different sets.  Look at the first set I bought!  So pretty!

Yay!  My preciouses!

I might get the DM kit in town too, if I can find it.  My brother's into D&D as well and he's willing to chip in for it, so it'll still be pretty cheap in that case.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it before our first session next week, but when it does come in it'll be fun to use, and even if we start playing without it, we've got enough to go with as it is.  He's looking forward to practicing his DM skills, and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to play as a character before I have to DM.  Everybody wins!

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