Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dungeons and Dragons

So I'm pumped! I've been wanting to get into D&D for ages, but I haven't had much luck finding people to start playing with, I lucked out and got to go to one game of Pathfinder in December, but the DM left shortly after that and the group hasn't gotten together since. I was sadface.

The saddest sadface!

But I lucked out again the other day! A friend of mine recently realized how totally awesome D&D sounds, so she called me up and we decided to give it a shot! She's got a few friends who are also interested in trying it out, and there's plenty of space at my house to get together for a session.

I admit I'm somewhat apprehensive, since I don't actually know any of the kids except for Sam, we're all completely new to the game with my one Pathfinder session months ago being the most experience any of us have, and there is the potential awkwardness of me being the oldest person at 23 in a group of junior high students, at least until May when a friend is planning to move here and join in. But Sam at least is pretty mature for her age, and I trust that her friends are cool, so I'm sure we'll get along well. After all, there are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them, right? D&D is a great experience for anyone, does it matter how old someone is when they stand loyally by your side through thick and thin, facing mighty foes and challenging the forces of evil in a glorious quest to save the world and bring honour to your family name?  

Let me rephrase: when they don't immediately stab you in the back during your quest for loot?

Anyway. DnD is gonna be lots of fun, I'm sure! I bought my first set of dice the other day and ordered a physical copy of the Player's Handbook off Amazon, and I'm making a badass dwarven fighter character now. The character sheet is a little complicated and looks pretty intimidating at first glance, but a bit of Googling helped me find some really useful guides on building characters and filling out the sheet (that first link is the one I found to be the best), as well as background information on dwarves to help me with the roleplaying aspect. Add in some pdf copies of the core books and an online dice roller for the players who haven't got their own dice yet, and we're set! I'm really looking forward to this game.  You know, as soon as we figure out how to play it.

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