Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Mob Doctor was cancelled? It can't be!

I simply cannot believe that The Mob Doctor has been cancelled.  What the hell, Fox?  It's impossible.  It's inconceivable!  Why on Earth did it take them so long?

To recap: The Mob Doctor is (was) a new medical(ish) drama(ish) that Fox trotted out this year.  When I first heard about it, I really, really, really wanted it to be good.  And on paper it has so much going for it!  It's about a woman who's a resident at a prestigious hospital, but by night moonlights as a Mob Doctor to pay off her debt to the mafia.  How rad is that!?

Unfortunately, it was not good.  At all.  It was kind of terrible, actually, and it was pretty obvious from the first episode that it wouldn't make it to a second season.  And it made me  so sad.  Not only did this show that sounded like it could be awesome turn out to be not-awesome, it wasn't even entertainingly terrible.  It was just really bland and boring.  When I realized that it was not the cool show I wanted it to be, I decided to watch it anyway, hoping that it would be bad enough to be fun ranting about on my blog and to friends.  But it didn't even have the decency to do that!  It was just....boring.  And bland.  And everybody was stupid.  And so even though I wanted to watch it despite not liking it (I had not realized how ridiculous that sounds until just now) I couldn't even do that.  I don't think I managed to get past the fourth episode.

So in short, The Mob Doctor was a vaguely terrible TV show that was impossible to enjoy no matter how hard you tried and I am kind of impressed that Fox let it go on for a full thirteen episodes.   The pilot made it clear that it was barely watchable.

In short: bad TV show is cancelled to the surprise of no one ever and I still need to find a good show to watch. Or just a bunch of good movies.  Whatever.  Maybe I'll finally get around to watching Reservoir Dogs, I've been meaning to check it out ever since I finally saw Pulp Fiction a month ago.

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