Saturday, December 15, 2012

Did you wish on a star last night?

Fuck, it was cold as balls out there.  I went out a few times (in between Tremors movies) to stargaze, saw a whole lotta night sky and a fair few shooting stars, a couple of them really impressive!  It turns out the top of the hill by my house is a great place to stargaze ever since they cut all the trees down.  Well, it's pretty good.  It's got a lovely view of the city, but the light pollution makes that part of the sky kind of useless, stargazing-wise.  It's right in the wind, too.  Again, you're kind of screwed when it comes to being cold and seeing great stars.  Either you're warm or you see a nice night sky, one or the other.  I wish I could have gotten photos or video of the meteor shower, but my camera couldn't possibly get any decent image of the night sky.  You'd need a crazy-good camera for that, probably.

Supposedly the meteor shower should have still been visible tonight, just not as good as last night (which was when it peaked).  I didn't go out tonight though, last night satisfied me.  I saw some very pretty falling stars last night, and again, it was cold as balls out there.  And I had to be pretty patient to see the stuff I did yesterday.  As cool as meteor showers are, I don't think it would have been worth it to go out tonight, to see far fewer meteors, and under a lot more cloud cover than there was last night to boot.  Let's just watch some timelapsed meteor showers on YouTube instead, ok?

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