Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well today sucked

I haven't been having the greatest day.  Nothing really huge happened, my parents didn't die or I didn't find out I have cancer or I didn't get killed in a car crash or anything.  It was just a whole bunch of petty irritating things that added up to one sucky day.

It started out looking like a good day!  A friend of mine from Clarenville was coming to town for the day and I was supposed to hang out with him.  I was super pumped for this, because he's pretty much the coolest guy in the whole world and I never get to see him, not since I moved back home after college.  Plus I have adorable new socks!  Clearly today was supposed to be the most awesome.

But I hadn't realized how early in the day he was getting in and leaving.  I had to go to work around noonish, and we pretty much wasted a day.  It was boring, we were supposed to do a prewire but when we were in Tim's one of Dad's friends called up and since they were right around the corner dropped by to have a cup of coffee with us and catch up, and we ended up sitting around gabbing for like an hour.  Or Dad and his friend did, and I sat around playing games on my iPod.  So we didn't have time to do much more than check out the house we were pre-wiring and figure out what we needed to do, then go home again.  So now we're a day behind schedule. Fuck.

By the time I get home and call my friend, he's already headed back to Clarenville.  So, fuck.  That is lame.  I did not get a chance to hang out with Awesome Friend, and if I had realized beforehand what a waste today's workday was I could have just not gone and seen him while he was in town.  Fuckles.

Oh well, hopefully he'll come by again soon and we can hang out then.  It's not the end of the world or anything!  So this evening I was all, "Hey, I'm not gonna stay inside all night just because I couldn't hang out with a friend!  It's not that bad out, I think I'll go for a walk.  In fact, I think I'll go for a walk to McDonalds and get an apple pie!  I do love me some apple pie, yes sir."  Those were my exact words.  I said them out loud to an empty room, it was weird.

So I go for my walk, listening to my iPod (specifically, listening to the soundtrack for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -- fuck right off, those songs are happy as fuck) and when I get to McDonalds I go to the bathroom.  Oh, how I hate the bathroom at McDonalds.  There is no room to open and close the stall door (unless you're in the big handicap stall), you gotta lean way back and pretty much hang over the toilet bowl to get in and shut the door.

And so there I was, twisting backwards like a contortionist as I work out the complex close-the-stall-door technique, when I hear a *plop* sound.  Which let me tell you, is not something you want to hear when you're leaning awkwardly over a toilet bowl and not actually using the toilet.

I hadn't realized my ear buds were hanging out of my pocket.  And had fallen into the toilet.  In a McDonalds bathroom.  And they are the only headphones I own.  So now I can't listen to music until I get to the mall and buy new headphones, which probably won't be until next week sometime.

So yeah, in short, not exactly a fantastic day.  I have had worse days, and I will have worse days in the future, but today is not all that high up on my list of Days That I Enjoyed.  Clearly I need to end this day with adorable cat gifs and go to bed before it gets any worse.


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