Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stop having lame groups, Facebook.

Seriously, what?  "Actual anti-bullying"?  One, how is it more "actual" than any other anti-bullying group, and two, if you are going to say you are somehow different then you should probably make a description to explain why you are "actual" and other groups are somehow fake.

Also, what the fuck Facebook since when can people add me to groups without my agreeing to join the group.  That is incredibly sketchy.  Now I need to go through my facebook page and see what, if any, other random stupid groups people have added me to.

For the record, while I am against bullying in schools, I am not gonna join in with a shitty circle-jerk of a group that comes off as incredibly arrogant right from the get-go (remember they are ACTUAL anti-bullying, as opposed to those posers who only PRETEND to be anti-bullying) without even the initiative to describe how their group is different from the others, that does nothing to actually stop the problem, not even passing around petitions or proposing new policies for schools or brainstorming ways to enforce the policies already in place, and for some reason feels the need to break off into completely random tangents to lecture furiously about the danger of teachers in short skirts and low-cut tops and how they must set an example for the students (???).

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