Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I Won't Rant About The Big Bang Theory

I wrote a ridiculously long post complaining about the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory.  I had a big long multi-paragraph rant on how irritating the characters have become and how the romantic pairings are awful and filled with misery and how the jokes are old and un-funny (Howard's mom is fat!  Ha!  Sheldon is a sexist douche!  Ha! Ha!  Leonard is clingy and smothering and his relationship with Penny will destroy them both!  HA!).  Then I realized that obsessing about the show that I watch when I want to turn my brain off is doing it wrong.  Also, this show has really gone on for too long, it needs to end already.  TV shows are not meant to go on indefinitely.  Half of the problems I had with the most recent episode wouldn't have been a problem in the first season before the show had so much history and character development to trip over.

Anyway, I deleted that ridiculously long post, because I realized that it's stupid to try to analyze the characters on a sitcom.  No sitcom character can ever be anything less than awful, because early in the show's run awful characters are more fun to watch, and late in the show's run everyone has been Flandarized to hell and they're tripping over so much history and backstory nearly everything they do means they're being a dick.  Like Leonard, pulling exactly the same thing on Penny as Stephanie pulled on him in season two, and he doesn't seem to remember at all how uncomfortable that made him -- even saying something along the lines of "If you don't want her to move in why don't you just tell her that" to Sheldon, completely forgetting what a useless wad he was in that episode and how he even tried to beg Penny into telling Stephanie to back off for him.  Without that history, Leonard's behaviour is naive and clingy, but not that bad.  With that history, he is a complete tool.

Oh jeez, here I go ranting again.  This is a hard habit to break, let me tell you.  But I really should, because seriously, I'm watching this crap because I want something stupid and funny to make me laugh and to stop me thinking for twenty minutes.  If I then spend forty minutes writing a rant, and then another fifteen minutes on a half-rant about not ranting after that?  It is clearly not doing it's job.  Maybe I should just watch The Walking Dead instead, at least that show is fun to hate.

Oh my god Andrea, can you get any more awful.

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