Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goodbye, pennies.

Well, it's February 5th.  Canadian pennies are officially gone, the last one was minted yesterday.  Well, not gone, there's still like a bajillion of them, but the government isn't gonna make any more of them so it's close enough.  It's about time, I guess.  Nobody uses pennies any more, they're too expensive to make, they clutter up my coinpurse, they've got little microchips inside them recording everything we do so the government can spy on us.  Nobody wants a penny.

I'm still gonna miss them, though.  I liked pennies, even if nobody else did.  I'd collect them in a tin, and throw them at my friend Tree.  Now that pennies are on the way out, I'll have to start using nickels.  That's like a 500% price increase in ammunition!  I can't afford that!  Now I have to switch to elastic bands or something.  And even that's more expensive than pennies.  Times are sad, my friend.  Times are sad.

But hey, at least we got a neat Google Doodle.

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