Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As far as I can tell, Subeta is just a knockoff of Neopets.  Like completely.  Every step of the tutorial walkthrough was exactly the same as stuff you'd do on Neopets.  Anyway, I found it because I was fucking around online and got linked to a forum discussion about...something, I can't remember what, on this website Subeta.  I made an account because the little avatars were pretty cute, but mostly because I was bored with nothing better to do and the site promised games somewhere and possibly interesting conversations in the forums.

I never got around to playing any games on it, though.  I was in the middle of a walkthrough and doing some quests, where the NPC was looking for some random items and I had to find them in the shops.  I did a few before I realized that doing shit on this website was worse than doing nothing at all and closed the window.  The fetch-quests were annoying, but it was just really irritating to do a shop search and find something that sells for like five hundred coins or whatever in the regular shop, and see literally all of the user-owned stores selling it for over ten thousand.  Apparently everybody on that site is a greedy idiot, so there isn't even any point in going on the forums.

Well done, Subeta.  You are a direct ripoff of a site that came out in the nineties, and ten minutes of dicking around in your tutorial walkthrough showed me that a.) nothing on your website was original enough to be worth dicking around with in the first place, and b.) you are full of terrible people who overcharge basic crap to a hilarious degree and think the other users are actually dumb enough to buy it!  Good job selling the site to newbies, Subeta!  I'm off to delete my browser history for the past hour so I can forget about you completely and never come back.

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