Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tropical Storm Leslie

So the house is making a lot of cracking sounds and swaying a bit.  But on the bright side, it isn't raining any more!  I can even see the sun.

The power went out this morning for about an hour, but luckily it went out right the very second I was done making my spaghetti.  Yes, I make spaghetti at eight thirty in the morning, and no that's not weird.  You're weird.  Shut up.

I wish somebody had told me there was a hurricane coming.  I would have stocked up.  Well, we've got food and milk and shit, I don't mean that stuff, but I'm out of pepsi.  I might walk to the store later to get some.  It's not that windy out.

Besides, half the fun of hurricanes is going out adventuring in them!  I had a blast with Hurricane Igor two years ago.  We went out walking around Kent's Pond and that area, and I blew away a couple of times!  Granted, I only went like two or three feet, but it was still cool.  I highly recommend going out in hurricane winds wearing big oversized jackets that can double as sails, it's fun.

Update!!  Storm's over, it's a super-nice day now.  Except for the broken branches all over the lawn.  The wind ripped long strips of siding off the front of the house and broke the fence in the backyard, that's gonna be fun to fix.

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