Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good advice, doc.

My sister had to get stitches a couple of weeks ago.  Her bike fell on her or something and gouged her leg open.  It kinda looked like a zombie bite or something, it was pretty rad.  Luckily for the world it was not a zombie bite, it was just an assassin bike that was bad at its job.

She had to go back to the doctor the other day to get the stitches removed, and apparently one fell out or something.  Or at least, he shaved off the scab that had grown around it and couldn't find it under  the scab.  So either it fell out or it's still in her leg somewhere.  Apparently the doctor told her, "I think it fell out, but it might be still in there.  If your leg gets a massive infection and starts smelling and is all pussy and gross for weeks and you can't figure out why, come back and we'll look for it then."

Great.  Exactly what you want to hear from your doctor.  Take two and come back when you ooze pus. 

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