Friday, August 2, 2013

I fixed my laptop!

My mother and I have the same model of laptop.  This is a photo of hers.  Specifically the fan part.

This is a photo of mine.

As you may have noticed, mine lacks those little plastic bars.  They snapped off one by one, usually when I went to pick up my laptop and my fingers landed on them and the tiniest bit of pressure made them crack like a MUN student in the middle of finals.  And as it turns out, these insignificant little bars that break if you touch them are structurally integral.  Did you also notice how my laptop gaped at the corner in that pic?  It meant this is what was happening to the hinge part.

That got much much worse over the last 24 hours, to the point where the lid was only hanging on by the one hinge on the other side, because a big part of the plastic casing broke and took the other hinge with it when it decided to take a break from being connected to the rest of my computer.  Oops.  I guess I should have been more careful with the little bars.

No worries though!  I didn't have any duct tape, but I did have tuck tape (once I called my dad while he was out kayaking and got him to tell me where he was hiding it).  Success!  I fixed it!

I didn't think the tuck tape would work as well as it did, honestly.  I figured to make it work I'd have to use so much it'd end up covering the fan exhaust hole (or whatever it's called where the little plastic bars used to be) and the power button.  But as you can see, that didn't happen!

Well, it sort of happened.  But only on the very edge of the fan bit, not important at all.  Never got near the power button!  It seems to be holding well, too.  Of course I can't say that with any certainty, because it's only been on for like an hour, but the lid's gone from hanging off like a trapeze artist to not wobbling at all, not even a little.  Worst case scenario the tape doesn't last and I have to replace it every so often.  That's a much better worst case than not fixing it at all and eventually it gets so broken it stops working, right?

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