Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I had a heck of a cold this weeked.  I'm still getting over it, so nobody shake my hand or anything for the next week.  I was blowing my nose pretty much every half-hour for about three or four days straight, including all through the night while I was trying to sleep.  I think on Saturday night I got maybe an hour of sleep in total over eight or nine hours tossing and turning in bed trying to breathe.

Which led to some interesting thinks.  Does anybody else get kind of loopy when they're sick and exhausted and trying to sleep?  At one point I was lying in bed willing my nose to clear (didn't work), and out of nowhere I suddenly became obsessed with this thought that popped into my head, "My nose is trying to turn me into Bears Griffin!"  I do not know what a Bears Griffin is.  I think I was trying to say Bear Grylls?  I don't know why though.  I don't know who this guy is.  I have vague ideas of him having a survivalist tv show that I've never seen, and a meme about drinking his own pee a lot.  I was neither trying to survive in the wilderness nor drinking my own pee.  They are both activities I would rather not do at all, thanks very much.  I have no idea why I started thinking about him, or why I was so convinced that my nose being stuffed up meant it was going to turn me into him.  It was a very confusing thought.

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