Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh, Tumblr

I should really start paying more attention to tumblr, there's some funny and/or awesome shit there.  But then, it would be a lot of work to look for it, I think.  I'll just stay on the system I have where my friends who use Tumblr link me to the good stuff.  I might be the last to see it, but I'm ok with that.

In other news, I still miss Busty Girls comics.  I get why the author stopped at three hundred, because I'm assuming there are only so many comics you can make about the subject, but still.  It was a really fun little thing while it lasted.  I loved how the artist represented so many people and body types with such a simple cartoony style.  She had women of all colours, and of different religions (seriously, how often do you see brown women with headscarves represented in comics?  So cool!), she had women with scars and stretch marks and body fat.  The comic was just such a great space to feel included; there was always something or someone to relate to, even if you are less-busty than the women depicted, and it was always funny.  And just seeing so many body types depicted was a real breath of fresh air.  And it was a comic specifically about large-breasted women, and they never got sexualized or objectified!  How fantastic is that, right?  Dang, I miss that comic.  I wish I could find a new one just as good to lose myself in.

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